Meet Jean Rea, a Radius Connect 24 client since 2003.


Radius Connect 24 would like to introduce one of clients in our most recent customer case study.

Meet Jean Rea, a Radius Connect 24 client since 2003.

Jean lives on her own in a lovely detached house in Omagh, where she has been living since 1957. Jean is in perfect health, lives an active, fulfilling life and is still amazingly self-dependant at 97 years old.

She only requires the assistance of a simmer frame to move around the house and she exclaimed she only uses the simmer frame as she has been “a little wobbly” on her feet lately.

Her local neighbourhood watch recommended Radius Connect 24 personal alarm service to Jean after a fall down the stairs.

She wears her pendant at all times. Having a personal alarm installed at her home provides Jean and her family with valuable peace of mind and helps her stay at home which she prefers to the possibility of Residential Care.

Jean said she extremely pleased with the pendant alarm service, and her daily ‘Good Morning call’, to check her wellbeing.

The good morning call has been particularly helpful as there have been times that Jean was feeling poorly in the morning and when we spoke to her we arranged for her to speak to her doctor immediately.

She told us about another occasion that she pressed her button on her wrist once she fell down the stairs at her house. She remembered pressing the button, and our team phoned her nephew Stanley who is an organist at the local church to attend to check on her.

Jean was awarded British Empire Medal (BEM) in September 2012 for her work for charity. When Jean told us that she was awarded the BEM, whole response centre team signed and sent Jean a congratulations card to show their appreciation for her achievement.

From a young age Jean has been arranging charity events for people in need. Her very first one was to raise money for a wheelchair for a little girl, she was so successful with her efforts that she managed to raise enough money for two wheelchairs.

Since then she organised many events such as quizzes, BBQ, coffee mornings, etc. Her last fundraiser took place just couple years ago where she raised £1,500.

We asked Jean what Radius Connect 24 means to her? She said “It means everything” to her and it provides her with the reassurance that if anything goes wrong she can press the button and someone will be on hand to answer her call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Jean has a brilliant relationship with our Response Centre all advisors and she enjoys having a little chat every morning.

It was lovely to meet Jean in person and to get to know her better. My favourite quote from Jean throughout talking to her, “I am only 97!”