Frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, the pendant is waterproof up to 1 meter. The customers are encouraged to wear it, at all times in the house, including in the bath or shower (where accidents are likely to happen).

  • When the call is answered, just inform the staff at the response centre that you pressed it by accident. In fact customers are asked to press the button at least once a month, to ensure that the system is working properly and you understand how it works.

  • Battery in the emergency button you wear last for approximately 5 years. When the battery power gets low the button sends a signal to the lifeline unit which is picked up by our computer and we arrange to replace the button before it runs out.

  • You can still call for help from the alarm button on the base unit. A replacement pendant can be supplied at a small additional cost.

  • You can have 2 pendants on 1 base unit, enabling 2 people at the same address to be covered for the same price.

  • The pendant does not interfere with a pacemaker because it operates on a separate frequency.

  • Other household equipment should not interfere with the functionality of the Personal Alarm system. If you are in any doubt please call the customer services

  • Yes, normally the range of the Alarm Button (50 -150meters) will cover the whole of your property. If we are not sure, we can do a ‘walk test’ when we install the lifeline and establish the range from your house.

  • When you press your emergency button we will speak from the unit. If we get no reply, perhaps you are out of speech range in the garden or garage, we will firstly call your telephone. When there is no reply to that we will phone the first contact on your list and ask them to go round to your house. If they are unavailable, we will try your second contact, or third etc. Even without speaking to the unit we know you have pressed your button and will get somebody to come round and check on you.

  • The lifeline alarm continues to work. It switches over to the back-up battery inside the unit which will last for up to 36 hours and will beep / give message to alert you to this. When the power comes back on the lifeline reverts back to using the mains power.

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